Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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COMING - May 10, 2013 
Closer Than A Brother
Hadley Raydeen

Designer Danielle Morris left home in South Carolina right after graduation and has only been home a couple of times in the past 10 years. After her mother’s scolding and probing, she decides to come home and surprise her parents with a visit. Happy to be home she speeds into town in her rental. Not paying attention, she is way over the speed limit and is pulled over by the local police.
Married to her job, she never has time to date or meet a new man. She is thrown off guard when she finds the cop that pulled her over is sexy as hell. She recognizes him shortly after he reaches her window as the annoying kid that had a crush on her while they were growing up.
Officer Shane Matthews thought he would never see Danielle again and is surprised to see her in the car he just pulled over. All the feelings he had for her come rushing back and he is determine to win her over this time around.

Can Shane prove to Danielle they should be together forever or will she only think of him as a brother?

Gripping the steering wheel of the rental car with one hand, she cranked up the radio a little louder with the other. “I freaking love this song,” she said, shaking her head and moving her body in time with the beat. She pressed her black pumps down on the petal, accelerating the sedan forward, hugging the bend on the back road. A smile slid across her face.
It is good to be home.
The Big Apple city girl back in South Carolina, again. She was long overdue for this visit—a visit her mother had been hounding her for, for months.
Excuse me. Do I still have a daughter? I wouldn’t know, I haven’t seen you since…well I don’t know how long it’s been.”
“Okay, Mama, I get the point. I have some vacation time coming—”
“Yeah, I’ve heard this all before.” Her mother had cut her off before she could give another excuse.
Danielle smiled remembering the conversation she had with her mother the week before. This would be a definite surprise. Her parents didn’t know she was coming home this week. No one knew. She ran a manicured hand over her curly tresses. The wind blowing through the car windows wreaked havoc on her mane, but she didn’t care. She turned the steering wheel hard right, cutting the corner by the Farmer’s Market. “Damn, oh damn it!” Since when do the local police sit on this corner? This is definitely new.
Just ten minutes from her parent’s house, and pulled over by a cop, who obviously had nothing better to do than hit her with a ticket. She couldn’t hear the sirens because of her radio, but she sure as hell saw the lights.
She pulled her rental off to the side of the road and turned her radio down. Well this sure isn’t the welcome home I wanted. She looked down at her V-neck T-shirt. The top curves of her breasts were visible, and strained against the cotton fabric.
Hmmcan I use my womanly assets to get out of this? I’m sorry, officer. I’m new in town, wink winkI didn’t know how fast I was going. Could you let me go, just this once? She snickered to herself. That only works in a porno. She looked over her shoulder. He sure is taking his good ol’ time getting out of the car. He’s running the plate, checking for warrants in New York and South Carolina, no doubt. I’m in a rental car; the joke’s on you, Buster! Not that she had any warrants in any states. She reached over to the glove compartment, searching for her registration and proof of insurance.
The inevitable conversation ran through her mind. I’ll need to see your license and proof of insurance, miss Morris. Do you know how fast you were going? No, officer, but I’m sure you’ll tell me all about it.
She saw movement in her side view mirror and knew he was finally coming to her window. She couldn’t see his face, but she could see his body as he walked toward her. “Mmm, well hello, officer,” she said. Muscles flexed in his legs, and the bulge firmly tucked behind his dark pants as he walked toward her had her body automatically reacting to the masculinity of the officer. Down girl. He is going to give you a ticket. Damn she needed to get laid. All work and no play made this girl horny as hell.
How pathetic, getting sexually aroused by the cop pulling you over. Something is definitely wrong with you.
He bent over her car looking in. He wore dark sunglasses, not the usual large cop sunglasses, but sexy designer ones. She immediately recognized them from the fashion world in New York. Expensive taste, officer.
She couldn’t see his eyes. She could see a hard-set jaw and day old stubble growing along it. His sun-kissed skin from the South Carolina sun, and the woodsy, masculine scent of him blew in the car, teasing her nose, making her want a much closer, intimate sniff.
“Ma’am, sixty-five in a thirty-five zone?” He said it in the form of a question, so unbelievable he needed to say it aloud for it to make sense. She held her legs closer together, feeling the onset of moisture collecting from his strong voice—and a hint of southern drawl.
“Damn, is that how fast I was going, officer? I apologize,” she said feigning shock and trying to conjure up her best southern accent. “I was just so happy to be home again. I must have lost my mind.”
She turned to him hoping her light brown eyes, known for melting the hearts of many men back in New York, could work their magic here on this home town boy. He tore off his dark sunglasses and looked at her. His gaze narrowed. Wow, he has the most sexy, gray-blue eyes. Hmm. Wait…sexy, familiar gray-blue eyes… She blinked at him. Her mouth set in a soft “O”. “Shane Matthews?” she asked, this time with genuine shock. A slight grin moved across his face.
“Hello, Danielle.”