Friday, May 10, 2013

Hello all my beautiful lovelies.  The wait is over. The first book in the parade of works I have going on is out and on the loose.  Show some love!

Closer Than A Brother
Hadley Raydeen
Designer Danielle Morris left home in South Carolina right after graduation and has only been home a couple of times in the past 10 years. After her mother’s scolding and probing, she decides to come home and surprise her parents with a visit. Happy to be home she speeds into town in her rental. Not paying attention, she is way over the speed limit and is pulled over by the local police. 
Married to her job, she never has time to date or meet a new man. She is thrown off guard when she finds the cop that pulled her over is sexy as hell. She recognizes him shortly after he reaches her window as the annoying kid that had a crush on her while they were growing up. 
Officer Shane Matthews thought he would never see Danielle again and is surprised to see her in the car he just pulled over. All the feelings he had for her come rushing back and he is determine to win her over this time around.
Can Shane prove to Danielle they should be together forever or will she only think of him as a brother?
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